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ACT Expert
I consider myself a standardized test expert.  I have been tutoring students for standardized tests since 1994.  This includes the ACT test, the Minnesota Basic Standards test, the ITBS test, The MCA test and the TEAS test.  I have also worked for a company called Lidget Green, an international standardized test item writing company .  This included writing standardized test questions and creating rationals for each multiple choice option.  As a result of working at Lidget Green, I am able to use my knowledge as a tool to enhance my student's scores.  I teach test taking strategies, use long-developed mnemonic devices, build confidence and reduce test anxiety. 

Score Improvements
All of my ACT students who participated in greater than 3 tutoring sessions have increased their ACT math score by 4-11 points from their initial assessment.
For those who have not taken the ACT before, this data comes from an initial diagnostic practice test (always a previously administered ACT exam) and the actual test (taken after training). As many of these students are satisfied with their first actual ACT score (taken after training), I use the diagnostic test as a base.

Initial Assessment information
(One time fee of $150)
On a student's first day of ACT tutoring, I give them an initial assessment.  This allows me to break down their weak areas into categories; Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Data and Probability.  I spend 5-8 hours creating a three-ringed binder with topics that each student needs improvement on.  I spend several hours lesson-planning and creating individual plans for each students needs.  As a student continues to do practice tests, I continue to add to their binder.