Teacher/Parent, Pre-Algebra Student  

Benilde-St. Margaret's, Sacred Heart

Andrea Poeschl has tutored both my children, grades 7 and 4, over the summer to keep their math skills fresh as well as during the school year to provide extra instruction when learning new or challenging concepts. She has done a marvelous job building their confidence and ability to think through problems without fear or anxiety. My daughter was able to move up to the advanced level math class as result of her work with Andrea Poeschl, and my son, who dreaded doing math, now has the confidence to complete his homework without tears or frustration. The time and effort Andrea Poeschl  puts in to customize the material to the needs and interests of my kids has made a tremendous impact on their ability to learn math without feeling stupid or stressed. Her professionalism and experience is priceless.

Anne Marie, 

Teacher, Benilde-St. Margaret's

Parent, Geometry Student

Cretin Derham-Hall

Our 10th grader needed some extra help with geometry early in the school year.  After just a few weeks of working with Andrea we saw her comprehension and confidence improve dramatically.  From the very first session Andrea was able to connect with our daughter and determine not only what she needed help with but more importantly how she needed the material presented to her so she could truly understand it, master it, and retain it.  Andrea equipped our daughter with the tools and helped her develop the discipline necessary to succeed at school, not just at math.  

Homeschool Mom, Algebra

Andrea has worked with my 17 year old son for the past year. I can't say enough about both her patience and knowledge of the material as it was discovered that he needed a full Algebra 1 review before moving into Algebra 2 and Geometry. Andrea organized each lesson to best meet his needs and gave him worthwhile problems to work on between sessions. He enjoyed working with her and gained confidence to move forward. Andrea is willing to put the time in to make sure the material is personalized and understood. I would strongly recommend her for not only students who are in need of remedial work, but those who are advanced as well. I am certainly grateful that we have had the benefit of her instruction and only wish that we had discovered her sooner!


Michelle Sullivan
Homeschool Parent
St. Agnes Catholic School Teacher

Want references? No problem!

Parent, Multiple Math Subjects

Bloomington Public Schools

An outstanding grasp of how to aid a student at their particular level. My son benefited greatly at various points throughout his 4th-12th grade years through his tutoring sessions with Andrea.

Dave K.

Parent, Geometry Student

Cretin Derham-Hall

"Andrea not only successfully accomplished our primary goal of helping our son to improve his math scores,( he did by two letter grades) but she exceeded our expectations with her level of engagement.  She was proactive and prepared, taking time to work with our son's teachers to understand lessons and results, and to determine what adjustments in approach might be necessary.  I'd highly recommend her."

​-Scott K., parent of a Cretin Derham-Hall student

A positive, encouraging approach to math


Student, Multiple Math Subjects

Lakeville North High School

Currently, I am a senior at Lakeville North High School and have been working with Andrea Poeschl since I was in fourth grade. In these past eight years of being tutored by Andrea, not only has my math grade increased, but also my confidence in solving math problems. Starting out at a young age with me, Andrea was able to determine the best strategies and ways of explaining various problems to me in a specialized manner.

Throughout my years of being tutored by Andrea, her home has become a safe place for me to know that no question I ask will be considered “stupid” to her. She has taught me how to solve and comprehend problems in ways that makes it easy for me to understand, which has helped me succeed in my math classes. I work with her throughout the school year to help me with chapter lessons and also in the summer to get a head start on the lessons for the next school year.
 Andrea has always gone above and beyond in preparing lessons for me as well as helping me through challenging homework problems. She has even gone through past tests to help with my overall improvement and recently helped prep for my ACT test. Andrea is not just my math tutor. She is also a positive adult role model in my life, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to continue being tutored by her for one more year.

Andrea Hegna, '15
Student at Lakeville North High School